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Data Monetization through Customer Relevance: This is what DATALOGUE stands for.

Data forms the cornerstone of all our projects – they are our passion and our daily driving force. At DATALOGUE, we assist our customers in generating relevant insights from data and use data intelligence. With this, we aim to optimize the customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle - for better lead acquisition, optimal customer retention, more efficient marketing and more revenue for our customers.

Full-Service Data-Driven Business: We combine our data-driven expertise in the areas of Data Analytics & AI, Consulting, Data-Driven Marketing & Technology.

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At DataLab, we specialize in making companies more successful in their customer relationships.

DataLab is one of the leading companies for Customer Equity in the German-speaking region. Our main focus is on developing our client's customer value. We aim to maximize the financial value from customer loyalty and in doing so, to measurably increase the enterprise value.

As an end-to-end service provider in the field of loyalty and direct marketing, we convince with strategic, conceptual and expert consultation as well as operational implementation up to full service all under one roof. Our emphasis lies in customer insights, customer strategies, loyalty programs, as well as direct and database marketing.

Relevant Communication with Dynamic Advertising: This is what Converto stands for.

Converto's advertising solutions are the answer to the challenges faced by advertisers and agencies.

Converto AG is a leading European provider of innovative digital marketing technologies for the digital advertising market. Our core areas include Augmented Advertising, as well as 3D Ads, Cookieless Advertising, Crossmedia Advertising, Dynamic Advertising and Quality and Reach Campaigns.

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Markteffect is a leading full-service market research agency in the Dutch market, serving renowned national and international clients.

The agency provides marketing professionals with the right tools to make strategic marketing decision. Markteffect has approximately 85 employees and is based in Eindhoven.

The Markteffect Research Group consists of the Dutch full-service market research agencies Markteffect and DirectResearch.

DirectResearch, located in Amsterdam, is an established market research agency with various specialities, such as brand and product development.

The agency exists since 2005 with an office in the heart of Amsterdam. Just like Markteffect, DirectResearch has a full-service character, that offers agile market research methods and specific customer journey investigations among other things.

The Markteffect Research Group consists of the Dutch full-service market research agencies Markteffect and DirectResearch.

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